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        1. Al-Berri



          AUFCO is having a storage capacity of about 5500 MT spread to 18 well maintained freezer rooms. We do everything possible to make sure that fast moving items as well as regular ordering items are in stock.

          We do have control units for each and every reefer rooms with standby refrigeration units. Also can monitor and record temperature for each rooms which is connected to Ethernet for remote monitoring.

          By investing in the latest, proven technology from leading worldwide equipment manufacturers assuring our plants are running trouble free through out.



          AUFCO has over 50 reefer vehicles, including: Trucks, Trailer and delivery vans with a view to deliver the items just in time across the Kingdom

          All our vehicles are equipped with independent cooling units to take care of the carrying product temperature.

          Our Reefer vehicleare extremely reliable as it is well maintained by our in-house mechanics.